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Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 2019 1080p HDRip X264 AC3-EVO
M3 V10 A10
18 minutes ago
Chesse 39, M, United Kingdom
last 10 mins made it a 3 and not a 0.. WTF is this all about..(2 hrs 20 mins)
Aniara Aniara 2019 720p WEB-DL x264-MkvCage
M2 V7 A9
4 hours ago
Demos 29, M, Greece
Aniara in Greek (ανιαρά) means boring stuff (plural) and that's what the movie is.
The movie is unrealistic, dumb and pointless.
If it was a 10 minutes short movie, it would be interesting enough.
EDIT: @ Cerian so your rating of 3/10 vs 2/10 mine, makes it an "interesting", "sincere" movie...
Aniara (2018) BluRay 720p x264 - YIFY
M1 V1 A1
3 weeks ago
Auto54 63, M, United Kingdom
Swedish only no English subtitles, typical from this uploaders
M3 V5 A5
4 weeks ago
Cerian 39, M, United States
To those with taste, and of course with some years of life-experience, - and not to those who, with a high capacity for boredom, display their own boringness, - this is a sincere and interesting way of telling a sf story in a humane rather than a face-hugger manner. Subtitles can be found.
It Chapter Two It Chapter Two (2019)
M10 V-- A--
5 hours ago
ramyramy83 36, M, United Arab Emirates
very good
It Chapter Two 2019 720p WEBRip x264-GalaxyRG
M4 V8 A8
11 hours ago
Nicmos 67, M, Canada
I was rather disappointed in this one. It was OK but 3 hours? Come on. Bottom line is there was no real need for this movie.
It Chapter Two (2019)
M-- V-- A--
6 days ago
Bluray please please
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The Huntress: Rune of the Dead The Huntress: Rune of the Dead (2019)
M1 V9 A--
9 hours ago
Auto54 63, M, United Kingdom
Action none for Vikings, Horror none, a lot of irrelevant Drama 100% all women, I skipped through the boring crap, very drawn out slow going, its along play time its should be 1:20 or less, total garbage from all Swedish actors, its like watching cement/paint dry, they speak English which is unusual from this uploader after previous movies
What is it with new movie's appear to be Action genre if its the popular norm, if you haven't watched it you can only go by the basic storyline with a pinch of salt, no one comments only me?
The Boat The Boat (2018) WEBRip 720p x264 - YIFY
M1 V9 A9
9 hours ago
Auto54 63, M, United Kingdom
Mystery is why did they make it, Thriller could be if its done right, a lot of irrelevant Drama 80%, I skipped through the boring crap, very drawn out slow going, stupid simple storyline when a sailor finds a yacht which is under steam on autopilot with no sails up while he finds it on a small boat, bad acting or reading a bad script, total garbage from the 1 actor, its like watching cement/paint dry
The Boat (2018)
M7 V-- A--
last week
VideoKanga 49, M, Australia
A likeable creepy twisted tale shot around the beauty of Malta. Can recommend.
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