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Ernesto's Manifesto (2019)

USA (English) 99 min
6.3 -
  10/10   10/10   0
Updated on 2020 Jan 16
Director: David M. Matthews
Cast: Fernando Hidalgo, Amy Davidson, Adam Huss, Lisandra Tena, Randy J. Goodwin, Tabitha Caulfield, Sean Carrigan, Norma Maldonado, Paul Schackman, Al Coronel, David Burr, Keith Andreen, Alesha Renee, Ashley Platz, JC Gonzalez, Marlon Corona-Dellan, Kurtis Bedford, Ronald Corona-Dellan, Brandon Plush, David M. Matthews, Brenna Otts, How Zany, Alissa Latow, Jernard Burks, Angela Robitaille, Dana Gaier, Jono Cota, Kathleen Kinmont, Halbert Hernandez, Stacy Lafay, Amari McCoy, Guido Massri, David J. Wright, Skyler Wright, Tyler Case, Tommy Blatnick, Patrick Chiang, Mike Hernandez, Guido Massri, Michael Sun Lee


Ernesto is a sweet, gentle man who is doing the best he can to get by in current-day Los Angeles. A sudden series of bad breaks, however, cause him to lose his job, his girlfriend, and his home - placing him in a very precarious situation. Then, just when all seems hopeless, he gains employment, a great place to live, an important friendship, and unexpectedly, an improved career trajectory. In his new position, he finds love, financial independence and a bright future - a happy ending beyond his wildest expectations.

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