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Draug (2018)

Director: Karin Engman, Klas Persson
Cast: Elna Karlsson, Thomas Hedengran, Ralf Beck, Nina Filimoshkina, Urban Bergsten, Matti Boustedt, Oscar Skagerberg, Mikaela Östlin, Ola Ljung, Jessica Westlin, Mathias Berglund, Astrid Persson, Liv Persson, Daga Persson, Henrik Edlund, Susanne Frisk, Lina Hedlund


In the 11th century a missionary goes missing somewhere in the huge forests bordering the northern parts of Sweden. Among the rescue party chosen to find him is Nanna, a young woman on her first real mission and her first return to the part of the country where she was born. But what they will find deep inside those woods is something else entirely. Something dark. Something ancient. Something evil.

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