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Love Is Blind (2019) - Also known as "Cinta itu Buta"

Comedy, Drama, Romance
Indonesia (Indonesian, Korean, English) 86 min
Coming Soon
Release: 10 October 2019 (Indonesia)
Director: Rachmania Arunita
Cast: Shandy Aulia, Dodit Mulyanto, Chae In-Woo, Gemilang Sinatrya, Rolando Octavio, Rachmania Arunita


Diah works in Busan, South Korea, as a tour guide. For three years she has been engaged to a local male named Jun-ho. The status never improves because Jun-ho always postpones their marriage. Their relationship crashes. Feeling disappointed and hurt, Diah is fainting. After regaining consciousness, Diah must not only face the reality of living without love and hope, but also without sight. During the depression, Nik comes and always give optimism and enthusiasm. Love seeds between them slowly appear.

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